The here and now

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People today seem to always be looking ahead to their future. Middle schoolers can’t wait until they’re in high school, high schoolers can’t wait until college, and college students can’t wait until they have their degree. Once that happens, then people are looking forward to retirement. Today we want to push forward, get to that next big step, keep your eye on the prize.

Although this can be a good thing, most people (me included) tend to get too focused on that and loose sight of the present-what’s in front of them right now. I am a planner, I have Plans A-F just incase something goes wrong, but this doesn’t really work with God. For example: I’ve had my future planned out ever since I was a little kid, no specifics of course, but I had a plan. I no longer have a plan. God has stripped me of my plan which leaves me with only one option: trusting Him.

This makes me think of Joseph (Genesis 39-50). He was put through a lot during his life, but during those times he didn’t pitch a fit, or try to pray his way out, but he trusted God. It didn’t matter if he was a slave or working for the captain of the guard, in jail or working for Pharaoh himself, Joseph looked at how to honor God in the present. As a result God blessed him and the people around him.

Lately, I’ve been learning that I need to focus on the present, where I am now- not where I’m going. Where are you in life? It doesn’t matter if you’re where you want to be or not, ask yourself: What is God trying to teach me in my situation now? Who can you impact in your classes, at your job, or in your family?

So, what is God trying to do in your life right now?

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