The impossible IS possible!

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Today I was listening to a sermon and the pastor said something that really stood out to me. He said, “If the vision for your life isn’t intimidating to you, that means it’s probably insulting to God.”

God has placed dreams and desires in all of us, seemingly impossible dreams. Or maybe you’re in a situation that you think is horrible and is impossible to get out of. Instead of focusing on that impossible thing, focus on God who is bigger than you, me, our dreams, and our situations.

The Bible is full of examples of people whose circumstances were “impossible”. Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have a baby, even though God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of nations. God finally gave them a baby when Abraham was 100 years old. Talk about impossible! What about Gideon? He faced and defeated a Midianite army of tens of thousands with 300 men. That was an “impossible” situation.

“For nothing is impossible with God.” -Luke 1:37

It’s a good thing for us that our God is bigger than anyone, anything and any situation you maybe facing. So, instead of focusing on the circumstances around you, focus on the God who is strong enough to carry you through.

So, let me ask you, what are you focusing on? Your situation, or your God?

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