Macho Macho Men

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Whether you were alive in the 70’s or not, you have most likely heard the song “Macho Macho Man”. A lot of people today want to be “macho”, I know I do (don’t judge me). I don’t like to feel vulnerable, I don’t like to cry or show any weakness because I want to show people that I’m strong.

I just finished reading 1 Samuel today in my Bible. In chapter 30 we see that David didn’t feel the need to be a “macho, macho man”. His wives had just been taken by the Amalekites, and he along with the rest of Israel were so distressed that they “wept until they had no more strength to weep” (v. 4). Clearly he was heartbroken. As I read a little further a verse caught my eye that I think many people would skip over. 1 Samuel 30: 6b says:

“But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”

The cool thing is that after this verse, David leads 400 men to go attack the Amalekites and get back the women, children, and livestock that were stolen. I believe that if David hadn’t turned to God for strength, then this story would’ve ended differently.

In his “darkest hour”, when he was in complete turmoil, David turned to God, and God was the one who gave him strength. David wasn’t relying on his own ability to make himself strong, because he knew that in himself, his strength would fail. In that situation, the only One that he could turn to was God. Similarly, if we try to be “macho, macho men (and women)” by our own power then we will fail.

So my question to you is: Who do you turn to for strength?

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