Falling off the Bandwagon…

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I haven’t posted anything on here for a while, and that’s because I had “fallen off the bandwagon” so to speak. For the past few months I have been doing well in regards to reading my Bible and praying on a regular basis, but the past week or two I have started slacking off. Then last night at church the speaker said something that struck me. He was preaching on John 7:38 which says:

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water’.”

He said that the word “believe” means more than just mentally agreeing with something, or having faith, but that word means to “live thoroughly”. So that verse really says: Whoever thoroughly lives in me…” That doesn’t mean you vacation in Him, and trust in God when it’s convenient, or think about God only on Sundays. Thoroughly living in Him means continually seeking Him, honoring Him, and trusting Him. That really hit me. I had to check myself and ask, am I really living thoroughly in God? My answer sadly, was no. Recently, I have allowed all these other things to take the import place in my life that only should be reserved for God. I had to stop and repent, and ask Him to help me do better. Thank God that He is merciful and loving, and forgives and cleanses us when we humbly come before Him.

So my question to you is: Are you living thoroughly in God? If not, turn to Him, repent, and continue striving after Him.

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