Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

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In any competition, the competitors want to win something. They use their talents (whatever they may be) to the best of their abilities in order to receive a prize. When they take their eyes off the prize, then things usually start to go haywire.

I think the same thing is applicable to our lives. We as Christians are living in order to reach a prize: Jesus. But many times throughout the course of our days we get distracted by other things that crowd out that one thing that we should really be focused on. I know I’ve fallen into this trap recently. I have some big decisions to make, I’m moving without plans for a job, without plans for school, I essentially have no plans. That fact has not only been stressing me out, but I’ve been scared to move without any clear direction beyond God telling me “Go!”.

But the past two days I’ve had some great times with God (which both resulted in me weeping like a 2 year old before Him). Tonight I realized a few things about my situation. When I focus on God, His glory, and who He is my problems no longer seem significant. The other thing that I remembered is 1 John 4:18 which says:

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear”

When you’re in the presence of God, any fear has to leave. There’s no other option. The presence of God is so all consuming that His love is all you can think of. The only reaction to the great contrast between His glory and our weakness is to thank Him for His infinite mercy. Praise God!

When you’re going through something, feeling afraid or worried, stop and spend some time with God. Your situation may not change, but your perspective will. When you focus on His glory, there’s no way to still be tangled up in your problems.

So, I challenge you to daily seek His face and spend time in His presence. It’s worth it-I guarantee it!

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