A band-aid for a bullet wound

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Lately I’ve seen people post on social media things that say “Pray for Boston” or “Pray for Texas” due to the recent tragedies that have happened there. While I am praying for these places, I feel like it shouldn’t end there. We should be praying for peace, justice, and healing for those people whose lives have been most effected, but we can do more.

I believe that for too long this nation and even the church has been trying to mend a bullet wound by using a small band-aid. We have taken Jesus out of the public sector, made popularity, public opinion, and the self “god”, and have declared that there is no absolute Truth. Now this small bullet wound has become a festering, painful, infected wound that will require much more radical measures to treat.

I’m not saying that every school needs to become a “Christian” school, or that we all need to start “thumping” our Bibles in people’s faces. I’m not saying that we need to be intolerant of other beliefs and cultures. I’m not saying that we need to hold up obnoxious signs with “catchy” phrases on them to annoy people to God. There is a right and a wrong way of telling people about the gospel.

These people who do destructive, terrible acts like the ones we witnessed this week are searching for something that they will never be able to find apart from God. We all have (as the cliche song says) “a God-shaped hole” in us, that cannot and will not be filled with anything but God.

Instead of just praying for the victims of these attacks, we should be praying for revival. We need to be praying that people’s hearts would be changed by God. That is the only way that this nation will be changed. Period. If we continue to just try and solve problems through legislation or behavior modification it’s the equivalent of putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Don’t just pray for these specific tragedies after they happen, preemptively pray for our nation, pray for revival, and then go out and do something about it!

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