Hulk Smash!

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The land of Canaan had been promised to Israel and it was Joshua’s job to lead the people into that land to take possession of it. Joshua had already seen the land, he knew the people who were currently living there, but he knew that God was going to fulfill his promise to them. God had commanded Israel to drive out all of the inhabitants who were in the land. God knew that if the other nations remained there they would hinder Israel’s love and devotion for God.

Joshua 10:40 says “…He [Joshua] left non remaining, but devoted to destruction all that breathed, just as the Lord God of Israel commanded.” 

Although this may seem like an overreaction of the Hulk variety, it’s not. Joshua was zealous about his God. He knew who God was and was willing to follow God’s instructions to the letter. Joshua was also zealous about the promise of God. He knew that things had to be destroyed before Israel could enter into and take possession of that thing which God had promised.

When I was reading Joshua the other night this verse really stood out to me because I feel like God is having me let go of and even destroy some dreams of mine right now. It’s hard. I don’t like it… at all. But when I read this verse I finally understood that some things in my life need to be destroyed before I can walk into my calling. I need to let go of some old habits, old dreams before I can start my ministry. I realized that you have to be willing to destroy some things to make way for your promise.

After reading this I wrote down these 4 questions that I had to think long and hard about:

-Are you zealous about the things promised to you by God?

-Are you willing to destroy everything in your heart that isn’t fully devoted to God?

-Do you believe the words God has spoken to you?

-Are you serious about your dream?

Be encouraged that God has a plan for you. He has called you to something great. That just means that you will have to let go of some mediocre things so that there will be room for the great things destined for you.


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