Stop to Take a Breath

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When was the last time that you took time to stop and breathe? When did you last have a moment of silence and thought deeply about something, anything? The other day I spent some time sitting outside looking at the clouds as they passed by me. I thought about the sky and the little I remembered about the science behind cloud formations. I tried to pick out shapes and characters like I did when I was younger. I thought about God and all of his complexity and creativity. I took time to be silent.

This is a rarity for me. My life seems to be going at 1,000 mph constantly, but why? What’s the purpose behind being busy? I’m working at a church right now and I find myself doing all of these things for God, without taking the necessary time to be with God. Sure, I read my Bible and I pray throughout the day, but I do this in the midst of busyness. Rarely do I stop everything and clear my mind in order to focus fully on Him.

This makes me think of David. Many of the Psalms were written while he was shepherding his father’s flock. He had time to sit and think deeply about the Lord. He had time to sing praises, make melodies, and just sit in the presence of God. I think that quiet time with the Lord became a habit in his life, even when he was elevated to King. These precious times with Him were what allowed David to endure impossible situations, like when he went up against a giant, was fleeing an insane king, or his kingdom was threatened.

I want to encourage you to set your alarm to go off a few minutes earlier or take 10 minutes out of your lunch break to just sit back, take a breath, and think deeply on God. Meet with Him, be silent before Him, and see how your life is changed.

Stop. Take a Breath. Spend time in His Presence. Repeat over and over again.

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