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I’ve had a day off today which is so nice, but I’m still struggling to learn what to do on these magical days where I make my own schedule. I began today like most other days, by writing a “to-do” list. I love lists. I’m constantly making to-do lists and I love the thrill when I can scratch something off of the list. In fact, often times I’ll add something that I’ve done to my list just to make me feel more productive. Don’t judge me, you do it too.

Today I did something a little different though. After I looked at the 10 or so things on my list I took a moment to pray over them and simply welcome God into my day. I told him that this was my plan for the day and asked him to do whatever, whenever he wanted and with that, I began the day.

At every step today I’ve prayed and asked God into whatever activity I was doing. I did yoga this morning and gained insight into myself that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I wrote a different blog post this morning, but when I asked the Lord if I should post it I felt him say “no”, so I saved into the drafts folder to possibly be posted at a later date. Today has been a day of revelation and rest for me, and I think it all stems from the fact that I have deliberately invited God into my plans for the day.

There are many stories in the Bible of people who messed up simply because they didn’t ask God into their decision. I have stories of times when I’ve blown it because I didn’t place myself in a position to hear God’s voice. Now I’m wondering how our lives and our world would be changed if everyday and throughout the day we would stop and invite the Lord into what we’re doing. I believe relationships with God and others would grow, that a sense of meaning and an increase in productivity would happen in our work, and that stress would decrease.

I’m determined to make this a regular practice in my life, no matter how busy my schedule gets. How about you? Will you join me?

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