What’s the Deal with Creativity?

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What is creativity? Is it limited to artists and musicians? Is it just reserved for inventors of novel products?

I don’t think so. I believe that we are all born with a measure of creativity because that is the first attribute of God we see in the Bible. Out of nothing he creates something. That is an amazing and beautiful characteristic!

Recently, I listened to the Liturgist’s podcast on Creativity. In it, Science Mike discussed an article he read about how scientists can measure creativity in someone’s brain. He went on to say that the definition of creativity is “nothing more than the ability to make unexpected connections… to make connections that other people don’t see.”

If we go by this definition, it opens up a host of other possibilities for creativity:

Streamlining a business is creative.

Research is creative.

Solving a problem is creative.

Teaching is creative.

Reading is creative.

Cooking is creative.

Building is creative.

Critical Thinking is creative.

Empathy is creative.

When you’re listening to another person and can put yourself into their shoes, making connections from their story to your own, you are being creative. In that moment, you are reflecting an attribute of God.

Jesus was creative. 

Sure, he was a carpenter so he obviously had the skills to create something new out of a pile of wood, but it went further than that. When he would stop and talk to someone who was hurting, that was creative. When he turned water into wine or made the fishes and loaves last, those miracles were creative. When he hung on the cross so he could bring us back into relationship with God, that was creative.

When I think about creativity in this way, life takes on something new. When I think about God in this light, the Bible becomes more than a religious or historical book, it becomes a story of God’s creativity unfolding through generations, showing his unending love for each of us.

I believe that we each have some measure of creativity for us to reflect the Creator and his love to those around us. What will you do with your ounce of creativity today?


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