Wordsmith: Entrustment

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As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? For me, this changed from year to year, covering everything from brain surgeon to Broadway star, knowing that it was unlikely that I would ever be pigeon-holed into one specific profession. Still, throughout the years there were careers that would consistently pique my interest, lawyer being one of them. As recent as a year ago, I began seriously considering this as a viable option, but ultimately decided this was not the best way to go. But, even with this reassurance, there are still times when I think I could definitely rock being a lawyer and could kill it in the courtroom.

I bring this up, because today’s word is part of the legal vocabulary:

Entrustment (n) goods or personal property that have been entrusted to another

The other day, I had a long dinner with some really good friends that was long overdue. Our conversation that covered work and life and God and plenty of topics in between, left me with a great deal of pondering to do. I have some of the best Jesus time in my car, so I decided to drive around talk with the Lord about what we had discussed and what that meant for me going forward. As I drove, I asked Him “What does this mean for me?” and I felt him whisper one word “entrustment”.

In that moment I was reminded that our lives are an entrustment. We all go through good and bad things, but each experience is something that God is trusting us to deal with. I encourage you to read through the book of Job when you have a chance. That book is a great example of a man of God being entrusted with a great deal of pain and in the end he responded appropriately. Job was a righteous man, who loved and talked with God, who lost everything he had except for his wife, his life, and a few lousy friends who gave very bad advice. Still, despite all of these negative things, Job never cursed God.

While we will hopefully never have to go through the hell Job walked through, we all have those experiences, hurts, disappointments, pain, suffering, etc. that cause us to sometimes doubt the goodness of God. Those are the moments God is entrusting to us to continue to serve and love him well. It’s often those moments of pain or hurt, when we’re still focused on and choosing God, that provide excellent opportunities for others to see the Lord through you.

What would our lives look like if we began to see our jobs, our relationships, our circumstances, and even our disappointments as an entrustment? How would this paradigm shift alter how we walked through life?

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