Do You, Boo Boo!

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“Do You Boo Boo” = What you intend to do is no longer a concern to me and I wish you the best in your journeys to come.

Sometimes the interwebs is full of fun facts like the one above. I greatly appreciate that someone was thoughtful enough to define phrases like “do you boo, boo”. Now I know that I have been using this phrase improperly and will cease using it as such. I thought this was not a negative term, but in fact a positive one, saying “Hey, that’s cool, do what you want. You do what makes you happy.” I like my definition better so, for the sake of this post, we’re going to pretend like I’m correct.

We’ve all been told things like “you’re unique” or “you’re special”, especially as children while we’re developing and discovering who we are. I’ve had trouble believing that because there are billions of people currently living and there were trillions before us, so how can I possibly be the only one like me? The odds are not in our favor. In fact, there’s likely someone else somewhere in the world who is thinking and feeling this exact way at this exact moment.

But what if that doesn’t matter?

If you’ve watched any movie ever, you’ve seen the person who was different try their best to fit in but, with the help of a guide, ended up using that unique thing, the thing they thought made them an outcast, to save the day. That’s where we get the memorable phrases like “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” or “Why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?”. In movies, characters are always keenly aware of their uniqueness and see it as a negative. I wonder, how many times do we take on this negative perspective each day?

I know I do this dance with negativity all the time. Over the past few months I’ve come to realize how different I really am. For many years I saw my personality as perplexing because I didn’t understand how it could be used as a positive. I have the natural ability to flow in and out of situations and adapt my personality to fit what’s needed in that moment. When I’m on stage I’m loud and animated, but at work I am quiet and reserved; both are part of my personality, but I reserve certain parts of me for the appropriate times. I’m only beginning to understand this now. For years I wondered which part of me was the “real” me, desiring nothing more than to be authentic, but struggling to find my identity because it would change depending on who I was with. Now I realize my seeming contradictory personality was my adaptability gift thrown to an unhealthy extreme.

Is there something in you that God has uniquely placed there? There could be more than one gift or talent or personality “defect” He’s given that he wants you to use for his glory. What is that thing you’ve been trying to play down or hide away? Could it be that God wants you to take that thing and give it to him? Have you ever asked him what he could do with it, if brought into his light and submitted to him? I believe he can do amazing things with whatever we give to him. It’s my hope and prayer that he would speak to you and show you what your gifts and talents are to be used for, and that you will have the courage to follow his leading.

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