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Most people that I talk to either loved school or hated school. There are few people I meet who have no opinion about their schooling. Was there a subject that you just couldn’t make sense of? For many people, it was math or science because numbers and formulas are hard. For me, it was history. I’m terrible with dates so an entire class that depended on your ability to remember when someone was killed or someone rebelled was something I was destined to struggle with. I enjoy studying history, just don’t ask me when anything happened because I likely won’t be able to tell you. No matter how hard I tried, my brain just couldn’t grasp and hold onto that info.

Just like my struggle in history or your difficulty in math or science or english, we all have life-lessons that are particularly hard for us to retain. Lately, many of the questions I’ve posed to God or the struggles I’ve had can be summed up by answering one question: Do you believe God is good? When I begin to worry about my future or complain about my present or become jealous of another, I eventually make my way back to that question. If I believe, truly believe, God is good I don’t have to worry and I don’t have to depend on myself. If God is as good as he says he is, I have no right or reason to complain or withhold my trust or praise.

Each day there is an opportunity for me to learn this lesson.
Every situation is an invitation for me to change my perspective. 

For most professions your learning is never done. When I was teaching I had to take continuing education classes and get x number of credits per year. I would look through all of my options and always choose the path of least resistance or the classes that my friends were attending. But it’s not that way with God. He doesn’t let us pick the life-lessons we have to learn or let us walk these out with our friends. Sometimes he’ll isolate you, draw you away from the crowd and noise, to teach you something about him or yourself that you have to learn.

No matter the type of student you are, God is there patiently waiting on you. I am so incredibly stubborn and God is consistently humbling me; I’m a terrible student and yet he continues to teach me.

Is there a life-lesson that you just can’t seem to retain? Is there a particular pattern that you fall into and just can’t get out of? Me too! The amazing thing about God is that he’s right there for you to give that up to him. When I begin to doubt or complain or worry or not trust I can come to him for comfort. I can ask him to heal those broken parts of my heart and the disbelieving portions of my mind.

God is the best teacher we could possibly hope for, he made us, wrote the test, holds all the answers, and desperately wants us to pass. We are set up for success, if we’re willing to come to him.

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