Thankfulness: Adventure

There are some people who are naturally adventurous. I am not one of them. I would much rather be in my controlled area, safely tucked away, where, theoretically, nothing can harm me and nothing can go wrong. I would rather be in control than out of control. I don’t like surprises and I don’t like being blind-sided by things. But still, despite my desire for control and routine and predictability, I have this internal pull toward adventure. 

A few years ago all I wanted to do was leave my safe, routine-filled life to one of adventure so I packed up all my belongings and moved to a different town for my senior year of college. It was a great time of self-discovery! I lived up in the mountains and met great friends who would force me out of the house to go on excursions, often against my will. During that season I found myself praying for adventure. I wanted to try new things and fly by the seat of my pants and not be trapped in a box, like I had grown accustomed to feeling.

Having an adventure requires a large measure of trust and faith.

I went into that season severely lacking in the trust and faith departments. Logic and reason were over-staffed and trust and faith received little attention. But slowly, over the years, I’ve grown to trust God with those places in my life. I’ve learned, by being forced out of my comfort zone, that I can go on an adventure because God is the best travel buddy a person can ask for!

An adventure doesn’t have to look like packing up all you own and moving to Africa, it’s actually much smaller than that. Adventure could be as simple as trying something new, like a new restaurant or a new way to work. It could mean getting to know someone new or choosing to maintain relationship with someone who’s hurt you. It could mean scheduling a trip or trying out a new hobby. Adventure can be part of your everyday life if you let it.

I believe that God loves the wandering, curious, adventurous spirit and is delighted when we choose to adventure with him. Over and over again in the Bible he commanded his people to go to a place that they hadn’t seen. The Old Testament catalogues Israel’s journey to and life in the promised land. Many of our “heroes of faith” are men and women who chose to go on an adventure with God, though they didn’t know where they were going.

Being a person of faith naturally means that an adventure is coming, complete with the good and the bad. But, at the end of it all, you will be able to look back on your life and say “at least we had an adventure!”

Lord, your heart of love for us is overwhelming. Thank you for beckoning us to join you on this adventure of life. Thank you for being our gracious guide and wonderful travel-buddy along the way. Forgive us for the times we’ve been hesitant to follow you into the unknown; please keep asking us to come with you. Lord, give us the adventurer’s heart to follow you and the courage to continue in the face of fear. Thank you that you are with us through it all. Amen!


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