Thankfulness: Emotions

I recently had lunch with a friend that was long overdue. We hadn’t seen each other in months, but were able to pick up again right where we had left off. During the course of our conversation we began talking about how God has healed both of us over the years. We both shared how we lived the majority of our lives feeling numb, merely going through the motions of life, without every feeling or truly experiencing anything. Both of us thought that we had been the only one to experience these feelings, as if everyone else was aware of a secret to life that had never been shared with us.

But this story isn’t isolated to just the two of us. As I talk to more and more people, I’m coming to learn that this is a common theme of many people’s stories. Living through life in a state of apathetic numbness isn’t the life that God has called us to and I am so thankful for that.

During our lunch, we both shared what it was like when we first began consistently feeling emotions. I think that was the most uncomfortable season in my life. Emotions are still not something that I’m proficient in and there are times that I find myself feeling something that I don’t know how to verbalize or identify, but I am thankful for emotions. I am thankful for the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, because this is how God created us to be.

The Bible records God feeling and expressing a full range of emotions, and I am thankful that we can reciprocate in that area. When we are feeling something, whether it’s easy or difficult for us to express, we can trust that God knows what we’re feeling. The emotions that we feel are a beautiful reflection of the God who created us, it’s just our responsibility to ensure that they’re being expressed in a healthy way. The more we mature in our walk with God, the more we can grow in this area, if we give ourselves permission to do so.

I am thankful that I can choose emotions over numbness and that I never have to go back to that dull, lifeless place again.

Lord, you created us in your image and gave us emotions are a beautiful reflection of your character. Forgive us when we’ve disdained, dismissed, or shut down our emotions, seeing them as a nuisance instead of a piece of you. Thank you for the ability to feel, it truly is a gift. Help us as we walk through this day to appropriately express our emotions. If we’ve stifled any part of our heart, we ask that you would awaken it today. We want to live the full, vibrant life that you’ve called us to. Amen!


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