Thankfulness: Worship

I’m a big fan of structure. I like to have a plan or a roadmap everyday because it makes me feel confident as I face the day. Even if I’m not able to accomplish everything or some things go wrong, it’s okay because I have a plan.

Today hasn’t gone according to plan, it’s been better. I scheduled some time to read and write and then go to work later in the afternoon. Instead, spontaneous worship happened at my kitchen table. I suppose that’s the beauty of writing when you’re at home instead of writing in a coffee shop.

I love worshipping God through song and music, there’s something so beautiful about how music lifts and moves our hearts and spirits. Worship, singing truths to God, is an immensely powerful tool in our lives that refocuses us when we’ve drifted and centers us when we’ve been thrown off balance.

I am thankful for the ability to worship and pour out my heart to God. More than that, I’m thankful that God has changed my heart so that I want to worship him. What a privilege to come before him with singing, continuously entrusting our hearts into his care.

Lord, you are worthy of all of our worship and all of our praise! Forgive us for the times when we’ve neglected our relationship with you. Forgive us for when we’ve allowed other things to distract us from our worship of you. Thank you that you are consistently drawing our hearts back. Continue to renew in us a spirit of worship and adoration for you. We love you! Amen. 

As you may have noticed, this post is a bit shorter than normal. This is because I want you to take time and worship God with song in your own home or car or wherever you are. There is something immensely powerful about taking time, especially at the beginning of the day, to refocus your attention on him.
Take a few minutes and worship him today: Listen


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