Thankfulness: Purpose

Have you ever worked with someone who was completely different than you? How did that work out? In my experience, those relationships either work very well or very badly.

Recently I had a meeting with people who are very different than I am. We all have different skills and vastly different personalities which always makes for a lively discussion. Our meetings, if held under different circumstances, could easily become disastrous, but, because of the purpose we share, we can be successful. Our conversation was centered around the one goal that we had: to make improvements. Our purpose unified us and we aligned our perspectives to achieve our goal.

I think that purpose is one of those big, nebulous terms that we throw around a lot of times but struggle to pinpoint. We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that “purpose” only relates to our big, life-long dream that we have inside of us, but I think it’s actually much smaller than that. In order to achieve that over-arching, massive, awe-inspiring, purpose for life, we have to live each day on purpose. Living intentionally is a habit that must be developed daily as we pursue our purpose.

What does your day today look like?

In what areas can you infuse purpose into your routine?

What would “living intentionally” look like to you?

I am thankful that we can live purposefully, intentionally, and on mission. I am grateful that purpose can unite people as we work toward one amazing goal. Purpose, whether big or small, is worth pursuing each day. We all have a sense of purpose and destiny, but that can only be achieved by living day by day with an intentional, purpose-filled focus. I am thankful for the ability to pursue purpose in the midst of the most confusing or mundane times.

Lord, you only do things on purpose and there are no coincidences with you. Forgive us for the times when we’ve lived purposelessly, choosing to pursue different paths that were less than honoring to you. Thank you that your purpose for our lives, whether big or little, will prevail. Help us to see purpose in each and every day, choosing to live intentionally as we pursue you. Amen!


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