A Proverb a Day… Day 02

Read Proverbs 2

 Have you ever been in a bustling place that made it hard for you to concentrate on any one thing? Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop that was quiet a few minutes ago. Then the crowd came in. Now the space is filled with many conversations. There are students working on projects together, businessmen coming up with their next great venture, and friends catching up on life events. When I put in my headphones and have my volume turned down too low, I can barely make out the music over the noise. But it’s interesting how, even without turning up the volume, when I zero in on which song is playing, I can clearly hear it and follow along.

I feel like it’s the same way with wisdom. When we begin on our wisdom journey, it might be difficult for us to hear that still, soft voice, but as we develop our ability to hear, we’ll be able to pick out the subtle voice of wisdom more easily.

Tune your ears to the world of Wisdom;
    set your heart on a life of Understanding.

What voices are you listening to the most? Are they the voices that give you wisdom and sound advice? I would love to say that I intentionally go out of my way to hear and receive wisdom, but there are times when, instead of praying or reading my Bible or consulting with wise people around me, I just go with whatever I want to do. Sometimes these decisions work out well, but other times they lead to a huge flop.

In a world full of shouting voices competing for our attention, we can tune in to the whisper of wisdom.

Let’s be intentional today to seek out wisdom. Let’s be people who sit and listen and wait for wisdom to speak. When we pray, let’s not just zip through a list of requests, but give the Lord an opportunity to respond. Let’s seek advice from people who are wiser than we are, actually listen to what they have to say, and then apply it to our lives. Let’s tune in and see how the course of our day changes.


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