A Proverb a Day… Day 05

Read Proverbs 5 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a to-do list and unable to prioritize which tasks should come first? I struggle with prioritizing until it’s written down on paper. Once I can see everything that has to be done it becomes much easier for me to make a plan to conquer the endless task list. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy in everyday life. How do you determine which friendship takes priority over another? If you have children, how do you prioritize individual time with any of them? It’s great to prioritize family over work, but it’s a hard habit to put into practice.

I think today’s Proverb is a simple reminder about priorities. In the busyness of life, our priorities can get out of whack and, when that happens, they require special attention to be made right again. Thank God that he generously shares wisdom with us so we can live well.

Your spring water is for you and you only,
    not to be passed around among strangers.
Bless your fresh-flowing fountain!

Solomon may have been talking about a literal spring, but I’m going to assume that he was speaking metaphorically. I’m that person who will give and give and give of myself leaving nothing left at the end for me. I don’t prioritize myself, so I almost always put others ahead of me. I will sacrifice my time with the Lord, my time alone, my writing time, my relaxation time, all so that I can help others, but I think this is the behavior Solomon is advising against. While we shouldn’t be selfish and become hermits who can help no one, we shouldn’t run ourselves ragged trying to meet everyone else’s needs.

We should give to others out of a place of overflow. 

If you’re not a priority in your own life, how can you properly take care of others? If you’re on edge or at the end of your rope, then how can you love well? If you sacrifice your time with God to minister to someone else, how can he minister to you? Wisdom is required to set proper priorities and I am immensely thankful that we have access to all the wisdom in the universe. Let’s invite God into our schedules and to-do lists and see how our priorities begin to change.


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