A Proverb a Day… Day 15

Read Proverbs 15

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? I have, many times. I love to drive fast, though after having to pay for one too many tickets, I decided that it was best for me to slow down and obey the law. I’ve had conversations with people about what they’ve done to get out of tickets and, while I’m impressed at their ability, I think that if I were to try to get out of a ticket, I would probably get arrested or at the least laughed at.

I don’t mind getting pulled over and receiving a ticket, because it’s what I deserve. If I break the law then I deserve to be punished, it’s that simple. What annoys me is when I see someone else breaking the law and they get away with it. There have been times when I’ve seen someone run a red light or speed through traffic in a dangerous manner and have exclaimed “Where’s a cop when you need one?!” When I see someone breaking the law and not being punished for it I quickly become angry at the perceived lack of justice.

God doesn’t miss a thing—
    he’s alert to good and evil alike.

I am thankful that God isn’t like us finite human beings. While we miss or overlook things, he doesn’t. God sees every good thing we do; he sees every bad thing we do. He doesn’t avert his eyes or shy away from anything, he stays aware and focused even if it saddens him. And he doesn’t merely know what’s happening, he is also just. His justice is perfect, it’s not flawed or ill-motivated like our human version of justice. His perfect blend of compassion and justice is something that I am thankful for.

Is there anything you feel like God has missed in your life? Do you feel overlooked by him? Does it seem to you that he’s forgotten you and instead showered the blessings you deserve onto someone else? If you feel that way, let me tell you, I’ve been there. I want to remind you that nothing is overlooked by God. He sees you right where you are. You aren’t hidden from him, he’s not neglecting you, he sees you and knows you. If other people are flourishing right now who you feel don’t deserve it, just know that this is a display of God’s compassion. I’ve been in that spot, where I was disobedient and hurting and just awful, but instead of punishing me right away God was compassionate. If you feel like someone’s getting undeserved blessings, pray for them. It’s hard to do, but God might be waiting for them to change their ways and return to him. Justice will be served eventually, but God always leads with compassion.

Let’s thank God that his compassion is consistent and not based on our good or bad performance. Though he doesn’t miss anything, his love toward is remains the same.


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