When Do you Feel Alive?

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There are certain moments in life when you’re doing what you know you’re called to do. For me, this most often comes when I’m giving. I love writing and creating and building businesses, but all of those things are a means to end for me. I really only want to make money so that I can give it away. I have this deep longing within me to bless and help others that simply won’t go away.

What makes you feel the most alive? 

What lights a fire within you? What makes you feel like you’re acting as your truest self?

I firmly believe that these passions we have aren’t supposed to be things that just serve us, but are to benefit others. If you feel the most alive when you’re doing something that only helps you, I suggest you get out a little bit more. We’re not created to live and do life alone, but in the context of community. The life that Jesus calls us to is one that honors God by serving his children.

And you can have more than one thing that makes you feel alive. I love listening to people and hearing their stories and helping them and praying with them and encouraging them. Writing and the art of creating worlds and stories with the written word fills my heart. Teaching people and kids is a passion I’ve had since I was a child. I always feel alive when I’m exercising these gifts and serving others in this way.

I’ve listed a few of my favorite things to do, what about you? Have you been able to answer the question what makes you feel alive? I encourage you to really think about this and make your own list.

Now that you have your list, what’s one way you can use that gift or do that thing that makes you feel most alive this week? God has given each of us gifts and abilities to honor him and bless others, let’s be sure to steward those talents well this week.

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  1. Three passions motivate everything I do.
    1) I love to write. God gifted me with the ability to write. I spent more than three decades writing professionally. Now that I’m retired I love writing Christ-centered, family-friendly blog posts that glorify God.
    2) I have a passion for co-parenting our two granddaughters, 4 and 7, with my wife. I never expected to be a father-figure at 70, but that’s right where God has me and I am passionate about the task He’s given me.
    3) I love touching the lives of others. Passion 3 has 2 sub-passions (is that a word?) I love making people smile and laugh. And blessing others is sub-passion 2. When the words God gives me to write or speak, and others tell me I’ve touched their lives, their kind words overwhelm me and I am filled with gratitude to God. It is only by God’s grace that I touch the lives of others.
    On the secular side I’m an avid Alabama football fan (Roll Tide) and chocolate lover. And I love to read.

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