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I want to build businesses; the idea of building and creating something out of scratch is exhilarating to me. I have a few small businesses currently and am consistently working to grow them. But one of the hardest things for me is pricing; honestly, I’m the worst at assigning monetary value to my work. Recently, I was hired by a friend to do some editing, which spurred me to begin researching pricing for the different consulting, design, and editing services I can provide. I don’t enjoy the process of pricing at all! But I’ve learned something about myself in the process: I don’t understand the value I bring.

Currently I’m doing a lot of work for free because I know that’s what the Lord has called me to do in this season. Recently I’ve begun tracking how much time I’m spending on certain projects so that I can be informed, as I gain paying clients, just how much time I have to devote to them. I recently decided to do the math about how much money I could’ve made on one project I did and it was far more than I imagined! As I’ve been donating my time, I haven’t realized how much of a blessing I’ve been because I didn’t value my own time.

It’s so easy to undervalue ourselves. Think about it for a moment: you spend all your time with you, there’s nowhere you go where you aren’t there, which means that you see the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of you. I’ve found that the longer you spend with someone or something the less you can come to value it.

Recently a friend and mentor was talking with me about his wife. He had been thinking about his life and realized that every good thing in his life was tied back to her. He broke down in tears of gratitude because of the amazing woman he has been married to for well over 30 years. While he doesn’t take her for granted, he loves her day in and day out, he doesn’t always focus on the incredible value that she is in his life.

You might not understand the peace you bring to a situation.
You might not see the energy you add to a room.
You might not remember how your kindness changed someone’s world.
You might not grasp the impact your smile has upon others.
You might not know how valuable you are to others around you.

I encourage you to take a few moments today to meditate on your value. This exercise isn’t to make you big-headed or prideful, but to help you better understand who you are. God made you for a specific reason. He fashioned you with intentionality and care and you are worth a fortune.


  1. Wonderfully written thoughts. I definitely agree. Determining our own value is difficult at best. Especially when we’re trying to do pricing for services we render for others. When I was editing online I found I could never assign a value for my editing that matched or exceeded the time and effort I put in on the project. So I consistently fell short of what I would consider the actual (or profitable) value of my work.
    Our estimate of our value falls abysmally short of God’s estimate of our value and worth. To Him we are priceless, invaluable, cherished children. A value I don’t believe we would never assign to ourselves.

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