Caring and Sharing

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I hate commercials. It’s frustrating when your regularly scheduled program is interrupted by someone trying to sell you something – I care about the plot line, not the product someone’s trying to sell. Part of the reason why I and so many other people love Netflix so much is the distinct lack of commercials, hallelujah!

But, every once in a while a commercial comes along that I enjoy. Years ago, there was a Juicy Fruit commercial where a woman and a whale were singing together filming, no doubt, a children’s show. Though the pair was singing “Caring and sharing it can be fun!”, the woman just wasn’t willing to share her gum with the whale. And, when he took it from her, let’s just say, it ended badly. You can watch the whole commercial HERE.

While this commercial makes me laugh (it was one of my favorites when I was younger), there’s a lot of truth about the human condition wrapped up in those 30 seconds. Caring is hard and sharing can be even harder.

Certain things are easy for us to share and others are given out much more selectively. At work many of my coworkers knew my computer password and the code to my phone because I trusted them with that information. But I wouldn’t give all of them my password to my personal computer because that is, after all, personal. I willingly share my Netflix password with certain friends, but I won’t give them my password to edit my website. I’ll share my story, my history with everyone, but I am much more reluctant to share what I’m currently going through. If you know the intricacies of my current situation, you can be sure that I really, truly trust you.

What’s easy for you to share?

Do you easily share money but give your time more selectively? Are you quick to share your words of encouragement but struggle to correct when needed? Is it easier for you to share with someone you know or a random stranger?

I love to share my resources, whether that means sharing my money, skills, or possessions. I have no problem lending a listening ear to someone but I am much more selective in who I will share my thoughts and feelings with, though I have grown quite a bit in this area. Just because I feel more comfortable sharing a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. We all have something to offer, some expression of kindness and compassion that we are strategically poised to share with the world.

People you know, and some you don’t know, are ready and waiting to receive what you have been given to share. I encourage you to not hold back. Maybe you’re great at sharing your time with people one on one and, if you are, then do that! If you love opening up your home to others, have at it! If you love serving those who will never be able to repay you, please go out and do that more! Today, let’s go out and share the love of God through whatever means we can!

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