What Prayer ISN’T – Magical

I love Disney movies. I own all of my childhood favorites and am always ready to pull them out and initiate a Disney movie marathon. So many of these fantastic and heartwarming tales are about magic and witches and good verses evil. When we’re used to seeing these fantastical images portrayed on the big screen, it’s easy to think those same principles apply to our daily lives.

How does prayer work?

That is quite the rabbit trail and one I’m not sure I’m quite ready to travel down. Prayer is something that I’ll never fully understand and I’m okay with that. Sometimes prayer can look magical which is all well and good, but I think I think the real magic is when nothing overtly supernatural happens.

A few months ago someone hit my car. It still drove just fine, neither one of us were injured, and their insurance cut me a check for all the repairs. About a month later a friend of a friend decided he was ready to sell his car for exactly the price I needed. Through this deal, I was able to get a new car, a better car, a non-dented car, without paying a penny out of pocket.

This was a major answer to prayer. A week before the accident I had to do some repairs on the engine and began praying about getting a new car. More than just praying, I was worrying. I told the Lord that I knew this was a small thing in the grand scheme of the world, but it was weighing heavily on me. After a few days of worrying, I left it in his hands, trusting him to come through with a miracle. The answer to my prayer came through a car accident, a friend of a friend getting a new car, and a lot of patience on my part. None of these things are magical. They’re not fantastical. They’re just normal, regular things that all add up to an immense blessing.

What if your neighbor is praying for a friend?
What if your coworker is longing for someone to notice them?
What if your child is crying out for attention?
What if that stranger you pass desperately needs a small kindness?

Believe it or not, there are things we can do today that can be an answer to someone else’s prayer {tweet this}.

Let’s be intentional and keep our eyes open for these precious opportunities.

If you don’t have a prayer journal, you can download one here


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