What Prayer IS – Worship

I love music. I consistently have an internal juke box playing that often serves up random and eclectic song choices and combinations which are always highly entertaining. I really appreciate the beginning of a church service where a whole congregation of people is given the opportunity to worship God through beautiful chords and lyrics and music. My heart is filled with joy right now just thinking about it! One of my favorite parts of a service is just looking out over a full sanctuary and listening to and watching people worship. Tears come to my eyes when I’m in the midst of a people pouring out their love for God – I can only imagine how he feels!

While I love the “worship” portion of church services, I’m also annoyed that we call the musical portion of a service “worship”. Worship means “to honor or reverence a divine being or supernatural power”. There’s nothing in the definition of worship that refers specifically to music or instruments. Worship means to express our love and honor and devotion to God.

How do you show God you love him?
How do you honor God?
How do you display your devotion to God?

Your answers to all these questions are forms of worship – how cool is that. If you hate singing or can’t sing on tune to save your life, you’re not disqualified from worship. He loves it when you worship him throughout the day whether you do it with or without music. 

Prayer is a wonderful form of worship! {tweet this} Recently I was challenged by a friend to pray in the quiet and not even have worship music playing. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the music, it was challenging for me to embrace the silence, but I’m so glad that I did. My silent prayers were just as much worship as the thing we do every Sunday morning. 

Today, let’s spend some time silently worshipping the Lord, giving him the honor and reverence he’s due!


If you don’t have a prayer journal, you can download one here



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  1. This was a wonderful post Sarah! Thank you for the great reminder of what worship is. I will carry these thoughts with me and ponder them throughout my day today, trying to do everything I do to worship our loving Father. Thank you for sharing this! May you be blessed!

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