Where to Pray?

I’ve come to learn that not all weird advice is bad and not all bad advice is weird.

Do yoga – weird, but not bad.
Try essential oils – weird, but not bad.
Hugs are good – weird, but not bad.
Eat kale – weird, tastes bad, but not bad for you.

Years ago my pastor gave a bit of weird advice: set aside a space just for prayer. Your prayer chair isn’t to be a multi-purpose chair, but is to be used specifically for your time with God. Sounds a little weird, right? At first I was not a fan and began coming up with reasons in my head why he was wrong, justifying why I wasn’t going to follow his instructions. But, when I began listening instead of just coming up with rebuttals, I began to see the merit in his advice.

You can pray anywhere: outside, inside, in any country in the world, in any building or vehicle; you can pray to your heart’s content {tweet this}. But today I invite you to consider creating a “sacred space” that you use for your time with God. This could be a chair you set up in the corner of your room or a stack of pillows on the floor. Set aside not only a time to pray but a place to pray.

While the Bible doesn’t say that Jesus had a specific place he went to pray, he did protect this sacred space, the precious time between him and the Father. Jesus would wake up early and go pray away from the disciples or he would withdraw from the crowd for a quiet moment of prayer. He did what he could to create those intimate environments between him and the Father. May we be intentional to do the same.

We have a little over a week left in this prayer series and I would encourage you to select, for the remaining days, one spot you’ll call your “prayer chair” or whatever term you want to label it. Set your Bible and your prayer journal there and use that space to meet with the Lord. I believe that God is honored when we meet him with intentionality and do all we can to protect our time with him.


If you don’t have a prayer journal, you can download one here


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