Community: One Body, Many Parts

Yes, I’m still on this whole “one body” thing. It’s truly incredible!

God strategically designed us to be complimentary to one another. He could’ve made an entire humanity full of people who thought, looked like, spoke like, and acted like one another, but he didn’t. Each one of us is unique and those special things we bring to the table are important in the Church and in God’s eye.

Think about your body: how many different parts are there? Depending on how good you are with science, the number could range from hundreds to thousands! There are bits that we can see like our hands and feet and skin, other parts such as our heart and brain and lungs that we can see through scans, and even other things like blood vessels and synapses we can only see with the use of some very expensive technology.

The body of Christ is the same way!

This may be “rudimentary” but I often find the things that we know the best can be the easiest things to forget. Sometimes returning to the basics, even for seasoned believers, is the best thing we can do. So, if you’ve heard this before, I encourage you to keep reading and keep an open mind. Ask the Lord to show you something new about the profound truth contained in his word!

Some people within the body are easy to see: the pastors on the pulpit, the traveling speakers with huge followings and impressive book deals. Then there are the people we see every week but can easily overlook if we aren’t careful: greeters and ushers at church, people working in the nursery, and small group leaders who sacrifice so much for us. Then there are those who can be undetected if we aren’t paying attention: the church staff member who does data entry for a living or your mom or grandma who spent years interceding for you.

Today is Sunday and is the perfect day to notice those in your church community who might feel a little overlooked. I encourage you to reach out to someone today within your community and thank them for being them. Create an opportunity for a person to know they are seen and loved {tweet this}. It’s amazing how a few simple words can absolutely change someone’s day!

If you currently feel overlooked or unvalued, I would still encourage you to do this exercise. I have found that encouraging someone else can sometimes be one of the best remedies when I feel unseen.

Let’s go out today and appreciate and encourage our community; every part of the Body is important!

Download Community: You’re Welcome at the Table, a free PDF, at


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