Community: For the Ladies

In school I wasn’t fan of hanging out with other girls, I felt much more comfortable as “one of the guys”. Being around too many girls, even to this day, makes me feel uncomfortable. I tend to just jive better with a bunch of guys than I do with a room full of girls. I mean, I can just talk about Sunday’s football game with a bunch of guys and instantly have a bunch of new friends, it’s that simple. If the women in the room want to talk about hair or fashion or makeup or the latest celebrity gossip or Taylor Swift, I’ll have nothing to contribute and will end up staring down awkwardly at my phone, hoping for a lightning bolt to come down and strike me.

More than that, I’ve learned over the years that women can’t be trusted. Women are bound to gossip or manipulate or any number of other terrible things to betray my trust. So, while I’m naturally guarded, when I’m in a room full of women, I will intentionally raise my shields up even higher.

But I’m learning this isn’t necessary.
These truths that I’ve learned are not indicative of all women. 

In just a few days I’m releasing an ebook called His Story about the character of God. This is something that I’ve been working on and dreaming about for years and FINALLY it’s happening! And I never would’ve gotten there without a community, mostly made up of women, who have supported me the entire way.

These amazing, God-fearing ladies have cheered me on and encouraged me when all I wanted to do was throw in the towel. They are the ones who let me know that I’m a good writer. They’re the ones who have shared my book with their sphere of influence without me begging or pleading to do so.

During this process, I’ve even reached out to other bloggers who have had no problem lending me their audience for news of this book to be spread! How amazing is that?! This project that I’ve poured my heart and soul into, isn’t seen as a competition. I’m not seen as a rival, but I have been welcomed in and supported in incredible ways!

Ladies, if you’re like me and tend to not trust women, I would encourage you to build relationships with just a couple ladies. It’ll take time, these things don’t just magically happen over night, but there are godly women out there who you can trust. In fact, I would posit that you need those women more than you realize – I know I do!

If you’re in community with trusted women, I encourage you to reach out to them today and just thank them for being them. Share your gratitude for the specific things these amazing women in your life have done for you. Then ask them how you can better support them. After all, we’re far better together than we are alone.

Download Community: You’re Welcome at the Table, a free PDF, at


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