Respond Like Adam

Yesterday we talked about Eve and how she was able to overcome sin and shame and guilt and eventually walked out her God-given purpose. Today, we’re going to talk about her husband, the man who walked with God and spent intimate moments with the Lord before royally screwing up.

Before the fall, God instructed Adam and Eve to procreate and fill the earth with other God followers, a command they did obey. God created Adam to be a father; he and Eve had the privilege and responsibility of kicking off this entire human race. #nopressure

What is the role of a father? A provider, a protector, an encourager, a safe space, and a teacher are a few of the traits that come first to my mind. If your father was present while you were young, what did you learn? Maybe he taught you how to fish or ride a bike or take apart an engine or how to make your favorite meal; fathers are meant to teach things to their children and equip and empower them with the skills necessary to make their way through life.

Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a worker of the ground. In the course of time Cain brought to the Lord an offering of the fruit of the ground, and Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat portions.” Genesis 4:2b-4

I just love this – Cain and Abel both brought offerings to the Lord. Why do you think they did that? Why on earth would these kids bring an offering to God (other than the fact that he is deserving of it all)? I would suspect it was because they saw their father doing the same. I believe that Adam, though he sinned and made the biggest blunder in the history of mankind, still passionately pursued God.

We don’t know very much about Adam’s life post-fall, but I whole-heartedly believe that he modeled for his sons what it looked like to follow God.

How do you react to a screw up? Do you feel that one sin or stumble or falter makes you unqualified? After a mistake do you resign yourself to being unsuitable for leadership or teaching others? I would posit that screwing up and receiving grace and forgiveness and choosing to grow in spite of sin is exactly what qualifies you and me to lead.

Maybe your area of greatest weakness or the area that you struggle in the most, is the area that God wants to take and heal and redeem so you can be an instrument of healing and an example of redemption to others.

I encourage you to seek God’s face and then do what you can to lead those in your sphere of influence to Him today!

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  1. I love this. I’ve never thought about the fact that Adam must have modeled following God, but it makes great sense. Adam walked with God in the garden! Though they stumbled and were cast from the garden and away from God’s presence, how could they forget God?! How empty they must have felt, having walked with God, now being separated. Still, how could they deny Him? I have felt like that, like I had stumbled so badly that I didn’t have confidence I was right with God or could ever by right with God. My attempts at prayer seemed to be blocked by the low hanging clouds, falling unheard to the earth. In that emotional anguish, I came to the simple, undeniable conclusion that, still, God was God, regardless of my relation to Him. What else could I do but continue to acknowledge Him, honor Him and live my life in the context of His existence for no reason other than the fact that God is God. Some how, peace came after submitting to that realization. Of course, our story, like Adam’s and Eve’s story, is a story of redemption. There is hope, and our hope is in God.

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