Respond Like Noah

Have you ever read a Bible story and thought about a character “I’m so glad I’m not you”? That’s how I feel about Noah.

I’m pretty confident about what God has spoken to me and I am whole-heartedly believing for and pursuing the things that I am certain he’s called me to. I am preparing for the day when these things come to fruition. But I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like for Noah – can you?

To start with, Noah lived during a time when corruption was increasing on the earth. In his time, following God was not popular and he was in the minority. The earth was filled with violence and corruption, Noah didn’t live in a happy time, he lived during a horrible moment in human history.

Cue the talk of the ark. God begins downloading to Noah just how he’s going to destroy the earth and the corrupt humanity that plagued the land. There were very specific details and instructions about the size and shape of the ark, who was supposed to come with Noah, and the types of animals that were to come along on this adventure.

Then Genesis 6:22 says one of the most amazing verses to me in all of the Bible: “Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.” 

Noah was so certain about the voice of God that he obeyed even when it was unpopular and when he might be seen as downright crazy. Yet, he was certain about God’s voice and had faith in God. I, honestly, can’t say that I have that kind of faith, but I’m getting there.

What are the things that God’s spoken to you that seem absolutely insane? How about we start with these:

“I love you.”
“I have forgiven you.”
“You are my child.”
“I have a plan and a purpose for you.”
“You are intricately and intentionally made.”

These are all promises that are clearly stated in scripture that seem crazy but we have a chance to believe them. What does it look like to live as if these promises are true? What would it look like for you to live as though you are loved? How would a forgiven child react? How would a person who was made for a specific purpose go about their day? And how can we share those promises with others and invite them along for the grace-filled journey through life?

Let’s choose to respond to God’s word in faith today!

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