Respond Like Abram

I like the way that Abram (later known as Abraham) thinks… sometimes. There are times throughout his story that he seems to be pretty self-aware, a trait which I really appreciate. He is one of the most forgetful characters in the Bible and made the same mistakes over and over again (just see how many times he tried to pass off his beautiful wife as his sister). Yet, I feel like Abram knew himself better than I often give him credit for.

Abram consistently erected altars to the Lord at significant places and moments in his faith journey.

In Genesis 12, Abram is called to take his family and leave his home and everything he knew in search for the land that God promised to him. When I moved from Arizona to Texas because I was following God, some people looked at me like I was crazy, I can’t imagine the reactions Abram got when he packed up and moved his whole family.

Regardless of the reactions he received, Abram obediently moved when God told him to move. Then, when God spoke, he built an altar so he could remember it. He was intentional to mark those times when he heard God’s voice.

“Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.” Genesis 12: 7 (ESV)

Do you take time to memorialize the moments when God has spoken to you? Do you record the acts of God on your behalf? Do you write down the times when you obeyed his voice?

This is one of the beautiful things about the Bible: it records God’s faithfulness and the obedience of those who came before us in faith, but do you do this for yourself? When things get hard, do you have a catalogue of past obedience that can encourage you to keep going through hard times? Can you easily recall past fulfillments so you can continue on confidently?

I encourage you to take a few moments today and contemplate those moments of obedience in your life and record how God has shown up in those times. It’s amazing how, when we remember where we’ve been, we’re encouraged to keep going and more ready to welcome others along for the ride.

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