Respond Like Isaac

I’m not the most trusting individual in the world. I have friends who will welcome everyone in immediately, fully trusting them until they do something to break that trust. I take the opposite approach: when I first meet you, I don’t trust you, but I give you an opportunity to earn my trust. If you break my trust, you are simply not going to be able to rebuild it. I am skeptical and questioning and weary of people naturally so reading and hearing stories of trusting people just floors me! I’m getting better at this, the Lord is healing me in a number of ways, but I still have a long way to go.

The most incredible story about Isaac in the Bible is probably the one that he is most famous for: the time when he was “almost” sacrificed. Again, we’re going to put ourselves in the story and try to imagine what it would’ve been like to be Isaac in this scenario. Picture this with me: you’re awoken early by your dad saying that you’re going on a trip somewhere, so you saddle up your donkey with all of the provisions and follow his lead. I always wonder what Isaac was thinking while they traveled for days on end. Did he ask Abraham questions about where they were going? Or did he just follow silently along or talk about the weather or whatever it is they talked about in Bible times? Did Abraham let onto what God had said? Did he ever shed a tear? Did he avoid Isaac’s gaze? Or did he stay lasered in on his son, wanting to memorize his face in case it was the last time he saw him?

Did Isaac question at all when his father dismissed the servants? We know that Isaac did ask what they were going to be sacrificing, but did he find comfort in his father’s faith-filled response that “God will provide”? How did Isaac react to being put onto the altar? And how did he respond to God’s stopping Abraham before he plunged the knife into his son’s heart?

Isaac trusted his father implicitly – this was a training ground for him to learn to fully trust his Heavenly Father. Because Isaac trusted God, he was obedient to his father’s commands, even when it seemed like it would end in his detriment.

How do you react to situations in front of you? Do you trust your Father? I don’t ask you this question to condemn you, but because it’s an important one to consider. We will always have room to grow in our faith, but God is pleased as we trust him more. He is honored when we choose to obey him despite what it costs us. God relishes our obedience.

Let’s respond in faith to our loving Heavenly Father today!

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  1. God has been working on me lately to open up more to those around me.

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