Respond Like Oholiab and Bezalel

These aren’t names you hear every day. This dynamic duo usually isn’t talked about in Sunday school lessons and is rarely mentioned in sermons. They are pretty incognito in the grand-scheme of Bibledom, yet they were important enough to God to be called out by name in Exodus. Starting in Exodus 25, God details what he wants the tabernacle (the place he was going to dwell) to look like. He lays out specific dimensions, colors, and metals. Everything about this structure was communicated with explicit detail: there was no question what the Tabernacle was to look like.

Then in Exodus 31, God calls out these two craftsmen: Oholiab and Bezalel who were appointed and gifted to lead the charge of creating this temple.

I have so many questions about these two gentlemen: were they well-known craftsmen when God call them out or were they living in relative obscurity or even doing other jobs? Did people look around, shocked when those two names were called? Was there someone else who thought they could do the job better?

How did these two men feel about this task? I’m not going to lie, as a creative person, I would’ve felt very intimidated. If I heard that God wanted me to make this beautiful thing for him, I might be tempted to just puke and then pass out due to the sheer shock of it all. This was a huge, monumental task, yet these men did their utmost.

Is there something big that God’s singled you out to do? Is there a calling on your life that is intimidating and even overwhelming? You’re in good company – you don’t have to read the Bible for too long to find someone who felt like that. Though we don’t know for sure how these men were feeling or their thought process, I think it’s a safe assumption that they were at least a little intimidated by the task, yet they did it any way.

The beautiful thing about this story is these two craftsmen didn’t do it alone.

“And I have given to all able men ability, that they may make all that I have commanded you…” Exodus 31:6b

I encourage you to reach out to your community today and share with them what you feel God has called you to do and how you’re feeling about it. If your dream scares you, tell them. If you feel overwhelmed, express it. If you’re elated and invigorated, don’t be afraid to share – you might just encourage someone along the way. Ask them to pray for you and support you as you go about following God the best you can. Responding to God’s voice can be done best when you have a community of fully-devoted Jesus-followers holding you accountable and cheering you on!

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