Responding Well

Yesterday was the last day of the Respond Accordingly series – we did it! If you missed any days, or even if you didn’t, I encourage you to go ahead and dive into these stories of faithful men and women and their responses to God and those around them. I know I’m going to be revisiting many of these, as I need to remind myself of these truths often.

It’s so easy to talk about how we should respond but it’s a lot harder to respond appropriately to the people around us.

Honest moment: yesterday was a rough day for me. It wasn’t because anything major happened, it was merely a perfect storm of a lack of self-care. I hadn’t been stewarding my body, heart, and mind well which led to a rough day. Then, in the midst of my difficult day, I was asked to do something I didn’t want to do and didn’t have the best response in the world. It wasn’t the worst, but I should’ve waited a little longer before responding to the request. My honest opinion was asked for and I gave it freely, no holds barred, something I later came to regret. I had to go back, a few hours later, and apologize for my reaction and dialogue about the request and the underlying problem at hand.

The fact is, sometimes we’re really good at responding appropriately and other times we just blow it. My hope and prayer is that when we do blow it we have the courage to respond to our mistake appropriately. This isn’t fun or enjoyable but is an absolutely beautiful process.

I’m learning to be thankful for these moments when I’m at less than my best because then I can grow and become that person I’m called to be in Christ. Responding appropriately is always something we can be mindful of and strive to do with every person and every interaction. We’ll fail often, but we can continually improve as we draw nearer to God who always has a loving and grace-filled response ready to go.



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