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Lessons Learned in the Dentist’s Chair Part 2

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As you know from the post earlier this week, I recently went to the dentist (you can read the post here). It’s funny how the Lord begins downloading things to you through the oddest of circumstances. I never thought I’d be writing about going to the dentist on my blog, but here we are!

As I was driving home, I was listening to a sermon by Bill Johnson, in which he talked about having an excellence in purchasing or excellent stewardship (you can listen to the three part series here). His premise is for us to be careful and diligent with what we have as we are an example to other people in how to care for this world.

This particular dentist visit had been good: it was just a cleaning and an exam. I got the all-clear, there was no scolding and no follow-ups were needed. I paid my co-pay and got out of there feeling joyful because of the clear report they gave. But then my mind drifted back to 4 years ago when I wasn’t getting good reports. You see, after I had to get my molar extracted, I had to return to the dentist the next week to get a cleaning in which they discovered I needed cavities filled, which required another visit the following week. I saw the dentist every week for a month because my mouth needed so much extra care.

I hadn’t been diligent in caring for what had been given to me and I ended up paying for it.

After spending thousands of dollars to restore my mouth to health, I am happy to put in a little extra work. I never want to go through that again. Because I’m doing the daily things I need to do and fueling my body properly (hello!) I don’t have to worry about some expensive price tag when I visit the dentist. I’m learning to steward my body well.

What have you been given to steward?

Your finances.
Your gifts.
Your passion.
Your family.
Your job.
Your time.
Your body.

There’s probably more, but this is a pretty good start. Now, how are you stewarding those things? Are you taking care of what you’ve been given in such a way that people will see your life and see God? Are you being an example to others?

I haven’t always been a good steward. I’m still not great in certain areas, but I’m better than I was yesterday and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be better than I was today. And that’s my hope for you too. Whether you’ve been given a lot or a little, my prayer for you is that you would be an excellent steward of what you have and an excellent purchaser so that the way you use money daily would point others back to our loving Father.

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