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Lessons Learned in the Dentist’s Chair Part 3

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God is good. He’s so unbelievably kind to us!

As you can see, this is part 3 of lessons I learned during my most recent trip to the dentist (in case you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2). On this particular visit I had to refill out some forms and on it I had to list my occupation. This is always a little awkward for me because I still don’t know what to call myself.

I’m a blogger, an author, an editor, a manager, a designer, a teacher, and a consultant.

The line on the form wasn’t long enough for all of that so I simply put “writer”.

Of course, as the dental hygienist et al. were getting their readings and doing whatever they do, they asked me about what I write, which is always fun because there’s lots of different stuff with that too.

I write this blog, manage another blog, write non-fiction ebooks, and have written a fiction novel.

Figuring that was too much information, I stuck with the e-book and started sharing about my first e-book His Story which is a devotional on the character of God. The people who work at this dentist office are all Christians and we talk about our faith pretty much every time I’m there. As I was sharing with this dental hygienist she told me about her sister who’s also an author and a blogger. In fact, her sister’s book is also a devotional on the character of God! What are the chances?! You can check out her blog and her book here.

As I walked out I shared about my book with the ladies at the front desk who were excited to hear all about it too. In one dentist’s visit I talked about my book to three different people who were all excited about it and supportive of what I was doing.

You might be wondering why I’m writing all this to you. I’m not writing this because I think I’m awesome or to promote my book, but to encourage you. I didn’t set out to talk about my book or my blog or anything personal. My mission was to go in and get my teeth cleaned and then get on with the rest of my day. But an opportunity was presented simply because I had to fill out a bit of paperwork.

Sometimes opportunities from God don’t look at all like we expect them to.

I could’ve grumbled about the paperwork and, given the early hour of my appointment, that would’ve been understandable. I could’ve left that “title” line blank not knowing how to succinctly describe what I do. I could’ve shied away from the questions or shrugged them off, not wanting to share about myself. But I didn’t, I took advantage of the opportunity and left feeling encouraged, having made a little deeper connection with the ladies I talked to.

I want to encourage you to look at every interaction as an opportunity from the Lord. Maybe they’ll encourage you or maybe it’ll be a chance for you to encourage them. Maybe God has a divine appointment waiting for you in a place as innocuous as a dentist’s office. I pray that you face today with your eyes wide open and the awareness to spot those divine connections when they appear. It’s my suspicion that there are more of them than we think!

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  1. Yes, I like how God can use small interactions to bless us when we are willing to step out and share with others about him. This summer, I met a wonderful Christian lady while casually chatting with another mom while we waited for our kids at swimming lessons. Turns out she grew up in the same church I now attend, though she has since moved to another community. But we had a wonderful conversation and I left blessed and uplifted.

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