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Understanding Worth

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Have you ever bought something, only to be unsatisfied with it? Or been able to do something and, on second thought, deemed that action to be “just not worth it”? Me too! In fact, I often talk myself out of purchases while in the store because I’m sure I’ll find something in the future that will be more worthy of my hard-earned cash.

Recently I was talking to a friend about this concept of “worth”. We’re often told the lie from the enemy that we’re not worth it. We’re unworthy of the good things in our life. We’re not worthy of love, grace, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. The list of things we aren’t worthy of can extend for miles!

That’s the thing about the enemy: he’s smart. He knows what’s up. He knows that we, in our sinful states, are not worthy of God’s love. We’ve been separated from the Almighty because of sin and death and our own rebellious choices. We’ve fallen short.

What the enemy conveniently forgets to add is the “but God” attached to that fact.

We’re unworthy but God loves us anyway. We’re unworthy but His forgiveness has been granted. We’re unworthy but God’s grace abounds.

We don’t deserve grace. We don’t deserve the love of God. He would be fully in his rights to let us perish without batting an eye. We’ve fallen short. We are guilty.

But God is love and he can’t do anything contrary to his character. His love drove him to action. He sacrificed himself for us. He paid the price for our sin.

We’ve been made worthy because of Jesus. He deems us worthy. Nothing in and of ourselves could make us worthy. He has chosen us. He has adopted us. He calls us loved.

The immense love of the Father is accessible to all of us, whether we’ve never heard of God or have been in church every week. Come to him today, acknowledge your sin, and embrace the forgiveness, grace, and love he’s extended to you. You can walk through life as someone worthy, not because you’re all that, but because God thinks you’re to die for.

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  1. Amen! My pastor has been teaching on grace and your post is so right on and timely! Thank you for the awesome reminder of our worth. I’m so grateful for God’s grace. Though I’m so unworthy, He continues to shower me with blessings 💕

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  2. Reblogged this on Work in Progress and commented:

    Worth is something that’s so fundamental to the Christian life and something I have to consistently come back to. I’ll think that I have it down, certain that I’m living out of a healthy place, accepting that my worth only comes from Christ until something happens and I begin striving yet again. I’ll incorrectly think that I have to earn God’s love or I have to do something–anything–in order to keep my place. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I have worth not because of my actions or my intellect or the number of friends or followers I have. My worth doesn’t come from my accomplishments, the number of books I write or the number of hours I spend in church or the Word. My worth is solely based on my position as God’s child. He has adopted me and there’s nothing I can do to change that and for that I am grateful.

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