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I’m currently building a new website and preparing some exciting things for 2018. I’ve known for a few months that my website needs a refresh, but I haven’t had much of a vision for it. Has that ever happened to you? You’ve known that you needed to do something, but didn’t know how you were going to do it, so you had no desire to accomplish that thing? Well, that was me for weeks.

Then one night at 2:30 a.m., as I was making my transition from the couch to my bed, I just asked the Lord, “can you help me with this?”. I didn’t pray a long or elaborate prayer, I didn’t intercede for hours on end, I didn’t do a fast, I just asked for help. I expected God to do something after I got a few hours of sleep or use someone to speak to me sometime throughout the week. But he responded quickly. I hadn’t even gotten to my bedroom before I had my answer.

This is something I love about the Lord: he knows exactly what you need. One word can do the trick. It did for me. In that second I got one word that took everything I had been thinking about and mulling over and trying to accomplish for months and made it make sense.

What area of your life are you needing help in?

Do you have it in mind? Now, here’s the fun question – have you asked the Lord for help?

I’m not saying that he will always answer immediately. Sometimes it takes a day or a week or a month or a year or a decade, but he will answer.

He doesn’t always speak to you directly. Sometimes it comes through reading his word or from a friend or from a timely message, but he will speak.

I encourage you to ask for help. This is something that I really struggle to do – I want to fix and control the situation myself without any outside effort. But humbling myself and submitting myself to God and the process always pays off, though not always in the way that I would expect.

Spend some time asking for the Lord’s help today – he is faithful to come through!


  1. Yes, so true that all we need to is ask, whether the matter is great or small. I tend to worry and thrash some things out myself before coming to the realization that I should simply pray about them. But he is always faithful to answer!

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  2. I loved this. Those are the moments when we are usually our most honest selves especially when we are in a corner with no where else to turn or go. Glad you got your answer, I love moments like that. I have these moments also.

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  3. This was so good. I’m currently struggling with my blog and content, or trying to see what type of audience I want to aim for. My mind has been such a mess, and I seem to pray about everything else except for my blog. I’ve recently started to map out my blog and even created a goal list. But anyways, praying on it would be a good way to start before doing anything else. 😁

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