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Looking Ahead

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Earlier this week we celebrated those things God has done for us in the past year — what an encouraging time! If you missed it, you can read that post here. We truly do serve a great God! He is a good Father who cares so deeply for us! I’m overwhelmed by the immense richness of his love and grace toward us.

One of the most incredible things about God is that he’s not done. Next year will be full of blessings and victories, it will be rich with opportunities and miracles, and rife with the love of our Father.

What are the things you are looking forward to in 2018? What miracles are you expectantly awaiting? What goals are you working toward?

Here are some of my goals:

Begin the publishing process for my novel
Take a trip to Washington D.C. (and coat the Capitol in prayer)
By the end of the year have enough to donate to a non-profit to cover their operating expenses for the following year
Being healthier (in every area) than I was this year
Help more people achieve their goals and pursue their dreams
Listen to God’s voice more intently and obey more quickly

So, what are your goals? What are your dreams for the next year? I can’t wait to see, throughout the year, how God will provide for and bless us throughout the coming year. I believe some truly amazing things are coming to us!


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