Taking a Rest

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I’m not good at resting, but I’m learning how to rest well. Recently, as I’ve been praying and seeking what God wants me to do in this season, he’s given me two answers: write my novel and build my business. That’s it.

So, I’m going to step back from this blog for a month and see what happens. I’m not going to be posting in the month of January, which, quite honestly, stresses me out a little bit. I’ve devoted so much time and energy to this blog, I’ve worked to build it and curate good content. I’ve seen so much growth over the past year, the idea of stepping away for a month scares me. I’m worried that all of my work will go to waste. But I have to be obedient and follow through with what the Lord is saying.

I’ve found that unswervingly focusing on one thing can yield incredible dividends but devoting attention to just one thing can be frightening. When you strip away all of the distractions, you don’t have the noise of projects to fill the void. Instead, you have to buckle down and do the hard work, which is often made of things you don’t want to do.

But I’m going to obey. I’m going to be intentional to listen to God and see what he says. I believe that I’ll come back in February with some awesome revelation, but if he says something else, I’ll choose to obey.

So my question for you is: what is God saying to you in this season? Is there anything you need to begin doing that you’ve been putting off? Is there something you need to quit?

I encourage you to sit with him and ask the questions, listen to what he says, and respond accordingly. If you want to read more about this process, check out my series on prayer, processing with community, and responding accordingly.

And, I hope you have a wonderful January!


  1. Sara…consider selecting thirty previous posts and schedule them to autopost in the month of January. It would take you less the 30 minutes to accomplish this. This keeps your readership in the loop and often attracts new followers. Just a suggestion 🙂 – way too many dead blogs (not updated or refreshed) on WordPress.

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    1. Hi Carla! Each year I want to fund a different organization. I’m going to start with an organization called We are Unveiled that focuses on sharing women’s stories of their victory in Christ! You can check it out at weareunveiled.com 🙂


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