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Slow Your Roll

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I am a walking dichotomy: I can be both slow and quick at the same time. I’m a contemplator so I’m always thinking about things, I’m always working on solutions in my mind. Even when it looks like I’m being slow or taking my time, I’m actually working, though it might not look like it on the surface. As a planner, I like to work my way through every step of the problem or situation to come up with a strategic plan of action before I make a move. I rarely am thrust into situations that I haven’t given at least a few moments of consideration to.

The hard part comes when God begins to speak. Today, while I was praying and seeking the Lord, he confirmed something in my heart that I’ve known for a while. I thought this particular thing would be many years in the future but, in reality, it’s more like months away instead of years. During my prayer time, I said things like “God, your will be done” and “I trust you wholeheartedly”, meaning them fully. But the second that I left that prayer posture, I began thinking about logistics. Instead of applying that trust in the form of waiting and preparing my heart, I tried to make things happen for myself. I am thankful that I caught myself, repented, and then changed my thoughts, recommitting this to God.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” 2 Peter 3:8 (NIV)

It’s so easy to try and rush ahead of God. When we receive a promise or a word it’s tempting to jump out and try and get it right now. But that doesn’t require faith. It takes faith to say “God I trust in your word and your timing” and live accordingly.

I’m not a great waiter, but I’m becoming one, slowly but surely. I’m learning to wait on the Lord and depend on him instead of relying on myself. This doesn’t mean that I become a slug or throw my work ethic to the wind, but I wait, with my eyes on the sky, my nose in his word, and my ears poised to listen so I am ready to run when he says to. Waiting isn’t fun but it’s part of this endurance training we call “life”. I’m starting to believe that those who wait well run well; I want to learn to wait well in this season, so when he says “run”, I’ll be able to run with endurance and passion, knowing confidently that he is who he says he is.

My encouragement today is this: sit with him and ask what season you’re in. If you’re waiting, I’m right there with you, and you can wait well. If you’re running, go after God with all you have and know that we’re all here cheering you on as you run your race.

To go deeper: Read Silence and Slowness


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