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Celebrating Women of the Bible: Priscilla

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Confession: I hate rom-coms.

I know many people out there are big fans, but I’m just not one of them. One of my biggest problems with these movies is that we don’t get an inside look at what happens with the couple after they have their big romantic kiss at the end. Will the issues that had been causing them problems the entire movie continue to be present in their lives? (Of course they will.) How will they deal with them? Will they somehow manage to stay together despite their differences? Or will they call it quits?

But questions like that tend to put a damper on the whole mood, so many of my friends have learned to not suggest watching a romantic comedy together. It’s generally not appreciated when I begin poking holes in peoples’ favorite movies.

What happens when we stumble upon a real-life romance?

Priscilla and her husband, Aquila, were a real couple who worked, traveled, and served the Lord together. They opened up their home to Paul and others in the church, allowing a safe space for those searching for God to find community. They were both tentmakers by trade and worked with Paul when he came to Corinth.

What amazes me about these two is that they’re always mentioned together in the Bible. Now, I’m not going to lie, if I were with another human being constantly, I would likely grow pretty frustrated and they would probably get annoyed with me too. I’ve always been impressed by couples who can work together and still have a solid marriage — being together the majority of the time seems like a little much to me personally. But it appears that Priscilla and Aquila were just two peas in a pod.

This dynamic duo used everything at their disposal in order to serve the Lord. Nothing they had was off-limits when it came to accomplishing his purposes. Everything they had was available to God and the church: their marriage, their skills, their home, their passions.

If you’re single, how can you use this time to serve the Lord and others?
If you’re married, how can you serve the Lord and others with your spouse?

I honestly believe that every gift or passion or talent we have is given to us for the benefit of others. If you have time, spend it with people. If you have skills, share them with others. If you have money, give that to causes you care about — don’t let it end with you! Priscilla and Aquila are excellent reminders that we can serve the Lord in practical ways with the people around us.

You have so much to offer the world, don’t wait or hoard your skills or passions, give them freely and watch how the Lord can move in and through you!

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