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WTML: Servolution

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Have you ever taken the Love Languages test? If not, I highly encourage you to take it, especially if you regularly interact with other human beings. It’s amazing how learning a little bit about others can help improve the quality of interactions.

My top love language, by far, is acts of service. If you want to show me that you care, serve me in some practical way that doesn’t require me to clean up or fix anything afterward. So for me, serving others is a huge deal, a topic that the book Servolution by Dino Rizzo is all about.

“A servolution must be an expression of our lives… we have to live it in everything we do, everywhere we go.” 

This book challenges me every time I read it. It’s a punch in the face and a correcting of perspectives all at the same time. It’s both challenging and incredibly sweet.

I can’t tell you how many times while working at a church, I heard someone utter the phrase “I want to serve, but I just don’t know how”. This is completely understandable. Sometimes, especially in a big church, it can be difficult to know how to get plugged in. That is precisely what this book is combatting. Servolution promotes the idea of serving small, helping the overlooked, and doing what you can when you can. That’s it.

At the end of each chapter of the book, there are questions to challenge you and get you thinking about ways that you can apply the ideas of radical service to your life. You don’t need to be a pastor, you don’t need to have tons of followers, you don’t need to be loaded, you just have to be willing.

Ask God to show you the needs of your community.
Open your eyes to those around you, especially those who are ignored, overlooked, or marginalized.
Survey your resources and respond accordingly.

A friend of mine is an amazing artist who has a heart for the homeless. So, she spends time in downtown Dallas once a month and paints with the homeless.
Another friend loves to have people over, so she’s always opening up her home to friends, especially those who are new to the church and don’t have community. She cooks a meal for everyone and creates a safe space for conversation to happen.
A different friend uses her training as a registered nurse and her experience as a recovering alcoholic and addict to minister to those in jail and rehab.

All of these friends saw a need, looked at their experiences, their passions, and their resources, and saw a way they could serve. It’s that simple.

This book is filled with stories just like my friends who were willing to serve these least of these. Check out Servolution and begin thinking outside the box about serving your family, friends, neighborhood, church, community, and city.

Have you read Servolution? What was your biggest takeaway?

Are you passionate about a specific group of people? Do you care deeply for a group that’s often overlooked?

How are you serving in your community?

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