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WTML: Unashamed

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For years I thought I didn’t deal with shame. I had foolishly believed that I had managed to make it through twenty-seven years of life unscathed by the incendiary lies of shame.

But I was wrong.

I realized a few months ago that shame is the lens through which I’ve seen the world for the majority of my life.

Well, crap. Now what?

I don’t know; I’m still figuring that out.

I have to laugh because I bought the book Unashamed by Christine Caine when it came out in 2016, but I never read it. Though I didn’t believe I suffered from shame, some part of me knew I needed the message of this book, so when I found myself scanning my bookshelf late one night a few months ago, wondering what I should do with this new revelation, it was there waiting for me.

Quick side note: this book is primarily marketed toward women. But, I would encourage you, men, to also consider how shame might be affecting you. And, if you don’t want to read this book, that’s okay, find a book about shame, restoration of identity, and freedom that you can embrace and glean wisdom from, and begin the healing process for yourself.

“Drop the baggage, pick up your freedom, fulfill your destiny.” 

I think the hardest part of the shame-game that’s going on in the world today is identifying shame. It seems kind of like a no-brainer, but for me, it’s not. I have difficulty identifying the voice of shame because I’ve become so accustomed to it over the years. But, in the first chapter of Unashamed, as Christine shares how shame entered into her life, she gives some examples of the voice of shame.

“Shame does that. It prompts us to toss away the good gifts we are given.” (p. 19)
“Shame does that. It teaches us to hide ourselves, to hunker down wherever we can find a wall of protection.” (p. 20)
“Shame does that. It pushes you down and prevents you from becoming all you could be.” (p.23)
“Shame does that. It whispers lies to your soul.” (p. 25)

Christine’s story of being consumed by shame even well into her ministry is such an encouragement to me. She’s ripped off the veil of perfection and has laid it all out there, exposing her past, and displaying the freedom that Christ has given her. As I continue walking through this process, my goal is to be open and honest about the various issues that I’m facing. I don’t need to be ashamed of my battle with shame and neither do you. There is freedom in Christ and that is something I’m eternally grateful for!

Check out Unashamed and be encouraged and challenged to drop the baggage and walk in freedom today!

Have you read any of Christine Caine’s books? What was your favorite and why?

Do you struggle with shame? If so, you’re not alone and healing is possible!

P.S. Another great book about shame specifically, that I’m reading now is Healing the Shame that Binds You by John Bradshaw

Don’t forget! Pick up your copy of His Story: A Devotional on the Character of God today!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that book! I think perhaps many people suffer from this in some capacity and don’t know it…this world provides plenty of opportunities even in just how they portray perfection – perfect job, perfect body, perfect relationship, etc. And then people feel unwarranted shame that they’re not “good enough” when really, no one is perfect in anything (well…except God of course 😉)
    Thanks for sharing! 💗

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    1. I completely agree! I think that shame is something that goes a lot deeper than many of us realize. As I’ve been digging into my own battle with shame, it’s making me realize just how good God is. While I may say that I’m not good enough, I can look to the cross and realize that God has a vastly different opinion of me.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  2. Yes, I have struggled with Shame (many times) This new song “Fear is a liar” is sure another great shame-fighter too! i have not read any of Christine Caine’s books, but I will. Shame-based teachings from the generations before us and sayings like “you ought to be ashamed” are very hard weeds to mow down and get rid of permanently! Like the weeds we pull from our gardens, we wonder why it always comes back! We have to get every root of shame out of us and it’s a long hard process, depending on how many lies were planted early in our childhood. Thanks for the great article! Let’s press on to total and complete healing! 🙂 Laura Grace

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    1. That’s exactly it! I’ve been working to uproot the lies of shame that have been able to flourish in my heart. I’m so glad that I’m not alone in this! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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