Grace Bucket

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Today is a great day to inspect the state of our grace buckets!

Earlier this week, we checked in and asked ourselves how we’re doing, so we’re in a perfect place to present our grace buckets to God so he can patch, fix, or replace as needed!

Let’s ensure our buckets are full so we can dish out the grace to those around us.

Work in Progress

Managing and putting on events is stressful. When you’re responsible for handling large-scale events, no matter if you’re over the decor or volunteers or operations or the technology, events are pressure-filled situations. When you are under stress, stretched thin, sleep deprived, and not eating right because you’re too exhausted to meal prep, things just have a way of going sideways. Add more people into that mix and you’ve created a perfect opportunity for things to go terribly wrong.

When working events, my friends and I came up with the phrase “Grace Bucket”. This was our quick reminder to one another that we need to consistently be refilling our grace bucket as we’re constantly giving out. People can be challenging and it’s easy to become short or angry with others when you’re feeling pressured and rushed. When things begin going wrong (and they always do at events) it can feel as though the grace…

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