Don’t Disdain the Little Things

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Yesterday, I drove past a sign on a construction site that said: “If Rome had been built in a day we would’ve used their contractors”. This humorous sign was such a good reminder to me that we’re all works in progress. We’re all a construction zone.

Our healing, our recovery, our dreams, our goals, our desires, and our relationships don’t happen in a blink of an eye. Growth takes time and it takes small, repeated steps in a specific direction. If things aren’t falling into place right away or we’re not firing on all cylinders immediately, that’s okay. In fact, that slow process is part of life. And the process, after all, is the most important part.

This week I’ve been encouraging myself to enjoy the process (as hard as it is) and to lean into the discomfort by taking one little step today. Let’s remember to not disdain the little things because, who knows, maybe those will lead to even bigger things.

Work in Progress

Often we are on the lookout for “big” things. We want a shiny solution that fixes all our problems in one fell swoop or we’re waiting to seamlessly go from a place of obscurity to center-stage. We love the Cinderella stories and usually root for the underdog to win and expect that to happen to us. But, despite what Hollywood tells us, that’s not usually how the world works. In the movies, the character’s hard work, training, or studying is done during a quick montage with upbeat music playing in the background. We focus on the big, flashy finish because it would be boring to sit with them through each painstaking step they took to better themselves. But that’s when the magic really happens.

Brick by brick, little by little. 

What dream is inside of you that you’re longing to accomplish but haven’t yet? We all have those and love crafting and…

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