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What do You do with a Core Values Mismatch?

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What are the main beliefs that guide your life? We all have a belief system, even those who might not like to admit that they do. And, as Christians, we have a belief to which we cling tightly. But what happens when we run into a group within our belief system that operates based on a different set of core values?

What do you do when you’re doing life, laboring beside, or hanging out with people who believe in the same God as you but value very different things?

Recently, I found myself in this exact situation. I was with a group of people who are whole-heartedly pursuing Christ and yet, I found myself valuing very different things than them. You see, one of the core values that guides my life is excellence, a value I’ve discovered isn’t shared by everyone. And, as we worked together, I found myself growing frustrated that these people who worship the same God as I do, don’t see the world the same way that I do.

And, after a while of stewing in my frustration and holding to the belief that I was right, I began to wonder about other differences in our values. What do they value that I don’t?

Having fun.

These are things I know are important, and yet I find myself returning to old ways of thinking that are more about the process than the people.

That situation, as frustrating as I found it, was an invitation for me to learn.

While excellence in what I create is an important value and a standard I will always hold myself to, there are many other important things in this life we can value.

I have to consistently remind myself of the fact that Jesus didn’t die for my projects or my to-do lists or even my dreams and goals–he died for me. He loves people, not processes. This means that I should too. Does this mean that I’ll completely get rid of my process-loving brain? Heavens, no! But I hope, as I continue to learn and grow, that I will grow more focused on people in the midst of my process.

This group of people consistently reminds me, through their actions, that community and relationships are incredibly valuable even though they’re easy for me to overlook.

My question for you today is: what are your core values? More than that, what do your actions show that you value?

And, if you have people in your life who value different things, what can you learn from them?

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  1. Definitely a reflection of thoughts I have had myself, Sarah. I think that while I have learned through the years to have a more balanced outlook than I used to, I still have a difficult time tolerating a lack of drive to excel and desire to serve God with the best one has.

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