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Learning to Live Exposed

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Have you ever listened to a message where you felt like the speaker had taken your dirty laundry and aired it out in front of an entire congregation? Me too. In fact, this happened to me recently.

A few months ago, thanks to a friend, I discovered the Transformation Church podcast. If you haven’t listened to any of Pastor Michael Todd’s messages, I highly recommend you do so.

Back in 2017, the church went through a sermon series called Damaged Goods that I know has set thousands of people free and started them on the journey of healing. The first message was about the fact that we’re all damaged goods. It’s a level playing field and we’re all on it. Not one of us is on a higher plane than any other: we’re all sinners and we’re all damaged in some way.

This is about the point when my religiosity rises up and begins telling me that he’s wrong, but he’s not. We’ve all sinned and we’ve all messed up, some of us have been absolved of the eternal penalty because of Jesus, but we’re still sinners. More than that, a lot of us are set for eternity, but we’re still walking in those unhealthy things that we’ve picked up over the years.

“God will not heal what you won’t reveal.”

When Pastor Mike dropped that little nugget in the middle of his message I nearly lost my mind. I had to pause the podcast for a moment and meditate on the truth for a while.

Over the years I became a pro at hiding behind a facade of whatever served me best at the moment. I hid from myself, others, and God. And hiding is still my go-to response to many things.

I’m not good at living exposed. It’s hard for me to share the raw, vulnerable details of my life with others, but I’m beginning to do it more and more. Truly, the only reason why I can share honestly with another person is because I’ve been honest with me and honest with God first.

If I can’t reveal my sins, my hurts, my flaws, my issues to God, who can I possibly hope to reveal them to? How I can I come up with a plan to change my behavior if I haven’t first accepted that I do indeed have a problem? How can I ask for prayer from others if I’m unwilling to share the situation with them?

Living exposed is an incredibly uncomfortable place to be. It takes humility and honesty and faith and trust to take that big of a risk, but God is faithful and good. He can be trusted with all our baggage which he already knows about anyway. Because he’s a good and loving father, he’s never going to use something that you reveal to him to hurt you or harm you and it’s surely not going to make him walk away from you.

I encourage you to come to him today and reveal something about yourself that you’ve been holding back from him. Just try it and see what happens!

Is there anything you need to reveal to God?

Is there something you need to reveal to someone else?

To go Deeper: Watch Damaged Goods
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