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Having the Courage to Take a Single Step

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In some contexts I’m great at making decisions, but in others, I falter. I can tell you what I think about your business plan, your website, or your novel with relative ease, but if you want me to decide where we should go to eat, what we should do for fun, or what music to listen to I’ll rarely have an opinion ready and raring to go. Is anyone else like this?

Recently, I was faced with a big decision: stay a full-time freelance creative or accept a full-time employment opportunity that presented itself. I prayed and thought and I prayed and planned and then I prayed and worried and then I prayed some more. This offer consumed my mind for a couple weeks before I finally bit the bullet and made a decision.

For a year and a half, I had been working for myself. I had become a freelance writer and designer by complete accident and I’m so thankful for that season of my life. I learned so much and I wouldn’t trade that time for the world. I was able to flex my creative muscles, publish 2 books (His Story and My Story), help other authors with their work, make a living as a copywriter, and help people launch websites and even businesses. I had the opportunity to take the visions of others and help make them a reality. I learned much about myself and God and others and was able to heal from some things that I had held onto for too long.

To many, my making a living this way was frightening and daring and, in some ways, many ways, it was. But I was comfortable doing that. I liked being my own boss and I was good at it. But God was inviting me to take a leap of faith.

To me, accepting a full-time job was more terrifying than continuing to be a freelancer was. I know that’s counterintuitive but it was a sweet reminder to me that we all process things differently. To many of my friends, this job was a no-brainer, but I had to really pray through a lot of things before I felt comfortable accepting.

This process was also a sweet reminder of God’s goodness in preparing my heart and mind so I could be in the mental space to accept this position, something I would’ve, out of pride, turned down even a month before the job was offered to me.

While I was pondering and praying, I felt like the child in the picture of this post: I was looking at this huge staircase in front of me, looking at the enormity of the step and wondering if I could do it. What I was presented with was scary and exciting and, in some ways, very unexpected. I went through an intense roller coaster of emotions and thoughts and yet, God was patient with me through the whole process.

And the same is true for you. He loves you immensely and acts kindly toward you no matter the hurdles in front of you.

What staircase are you currently looking at?
Is there an obstacle in front of you that seems insurmountable?

I encourage you to spend a few quiet moments with Godit’s amazing how just his presence makes things better. And, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps in front of you, I pray that you would have the courage to take a single step toward him, following him along the way.

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