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Resting Posture

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Lately I’ve been working really hard. My schedule has been monopolized by lots of work and very little rest. In this season I’m learning the importance of working from a place of rest instead of a place of striving.

When I’m striving, it feels like I’m on that hamster wheel, constantly going and going and going but getting nowhere fast. It’s inefficient and actually ends up being a detriment to me in the end. But when I can take the time to slow down, breathe, and remind myself of the truth of who I am in Christ, then it feels a little less frenetic. When I work, not for my identity but from my identity, I can live in the resting posture he’s called me to.

What does rest look like to you?

How can you work from a place of rest?

Work in Progress

Yoga is hard. Seriously, it’s no joke! There are so many postures that look easy at first, but become surprisingly difficult once you’ve taken the time to make sure that your body is supported and in correct alignment. It’s amazing how, when you do something like yoga with mindfulness and intentionality, even the simplest poses can lead to incredible rewards.

One of the postures I absolutely hated at the beginning of my yoga journey was Downward-Facing Dog. I’d be going through the practice, barely surviving, and when the instructor would say “let’s return to Downward Dog” I would want to collapse. This move would cause my shoulders and legs to ache the next day as they weren’t used to be stretched in this way. But, over the past couple of years, as I’ve practiced more, I’ve come to realize that this is indeed a resting posture, but it sure didn’t feel…

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